Team Building

Why are escape rooms so good for team building?

Escape rooms offer a fantastic opportunity to watch your fellow co-workers face off against mind bending puzzles, specifically tailored to inspire diverse thinkers, and all while watching precious minutes tick away from a one-hour timer.  Whether combined as a side activity to a prepared lesson or just as a stand-alone adventure, an escape room facilitates team self evaluation on how they perform when faced with:

  • uncertainty
  • conflict
  • challenges
  • and the potential for failure.

 Who will try to step into the leader role, who thinks differently than the rest, who gets excited (or shuts down) when faced with pressure, who becomes the communicator…..all will be revealed.

One of the reasons that we at Mental Break chose to pursue mobile escape rooms, was to support the corporate customer.  It is difficult for companies to find new ways to boost morale, or to enhance what often becomes a stale effort to motivate team growth.  By making our escape room mobile, companies like yours now have access to an entirely new and unique experience.

Escape rooms were introduced to the United States only within the past 5 years, and have already grown to near 1000 locations nationwide. Consistently ranking at 5 Stars on Yelp and Trip Advisors, these adventures are inexpensive and effective at engaging a group of friends or colleagues.


Want some hints about how to solve the room? Here are some basic rules:

After searching the room for clues, make sure that everyone on your team knows what you have found. Just like puzzle pieces, clues can combine to solve the riddle. Remember that communication takes both talking and listening.

Everyone wins or loses together. While occasionally heralded in the corporate world, a lone-wolf attitude in a submarine escape room ends up at the bottom of the sea.

Put all your unsolved clues in a common place for the rest of the team to see. Somebody else on your team thinks differently than you.

Divide and conquer. Too many people working the same puzzle results in confusion and is time consuming. Split up with two or three people working on a clue. You will succeed faster, and enjoy it more because each person has a greater impact.

Everyone thinks differently. If you cannot solve a clue, hand it off to someone else.

This is a game, and it is here for you. If you are stumped, ask for a clue. Escape rooms are typically designed to achieve a 35% success rate, so don’t beat yourself up if you team doesn’t make it.

Keep the team building going, even outside of the escape room!

We recommend following up your team building exercise with discussions about what worked and what didn’t.  Setup a reception or a meeting afterwards if possible.  Give compliments to your teammates for their successes or ask what riddle challenged them the most.

Get ready to participate in one of the most valued added, adrenaline packed team building session ever!

We are available outside our regular booking hours for corporate events, but we request at least one week notice so that we may properly arrange staffing.

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